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Char Broil Magnum 340 Review

Char Broil Magnum 340 Rating

Full Name: Char-Broil Quantum Infrared Urban Gas Grill with Folding Side Shelves

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Char-Broil-Magnum-340 ReviewChar Broil Magnum 340 is one of the best grill choices, ideal for every household. This grill is also great for indoor and outdoor experiences. You can simply cook for your whole family as a way to have a great bonding time together. Once you have this kind of grill you will never think about any other kind of grill.

This kind of gas grill is named the Char Broil Magnum 340 because it is one of the award winning choices of all other propane gas grills. This cooking system can completely eliminate flare ups, so you can be protected. It was designed to allow the greatest grilling and cooking flexibility. You can see that the grill is made up of two burners. Those two burners have their own temperature gauges, located above the control knob. You

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can also control the heating process because you can see and limit the heat that is produced by the burner. This way, you can determine how much heat is required to cook and grill with.

This incredible grill was also designed to allow adding wood chips directly on the cooking grate, for no flare ups and more flavor. The two burners are considered to be highly because of their function and durability. This kind of grill is ideal for various groups of people. You can enjoy the excitement and fun that this grill will bring.

Listed below are the Pros and Cons:


  1. Very well-designed and manufactured for an easy cooking and grilling
  2. Suitable for all people who love grilling and cooking all the time
  3. The unit’s sturdy look and solid material make sure no damage or breakage is created.
  4. Has a unique cooking and grilling technique
  5. The over-all physique are made of stainless-steel.
  6. Use less propane than any other conventional grill.
  7. The temperature gauge seems to be accurate and flexible.
  8. Has heavy duty hardware


There are some people who complain that:

  1. The grill has no Surefire start system.
  2. There are so many parts to assemble.

the absolute BEST grill for the money!

I am a grill fanatic so when it was time to pick out a new one, research was a borderline obsession of mine. I settled on this IR grill from Char-Broil…

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Review from Jeff. K

In conclusion, when you tend to buy Char Broil Magnum 340, make sure that you have all the important details that are mentioned above. The features above can serve as your guide to choosing a grill to meet your needs. You may also want to check the pros and cons for a clear way to understand the product. Remember that when you have to purchase a grill that you get the best quality grill. Find the most durable and flexible one for you. You may want to visit for more details of purchasing.

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