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Weber Genesis E-310 3741001 Review

Weber Genesis E-310 Rating

Complete Product Name: Weber 3741001 Genesis E-310 Propane Gas Grill, Black

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Weber-3741001 Review

Do you have a hassle with your barbeque grill? Are you tired of letting yourself dig in into your old grill? Well, now the right time for you to know about the wildness of the Weber Genesis E-310. This is a great grill, built for extra convenience for your cooking and grilling experience. This grill is relatively known for its tough performance and excellent quality.

This kind of grill features a lot of essential things for people to like it. A cart with stainless-steel doors and a handle is enclosed in the grill. The handle is heat resistant to ensure your protection. The handle is also scratch-free cleaning and has a built-in thermometer that is used when you want to determine the amount of heat you are putting into the foods you are cooking or grilling. The thermometer  has a shiny border and has cast aluminum end caps.

With its high rated cooking system, you will never get tired of grilling and cooking. It has a 42,000 BTU that includes three stainless-steel burners. These are much more than just any other grill. Some grills only have one or two burners. But, with this burner, this will not consume most of your time. For easy start up, you can use the electronic crossover ignition system that can light up the three burners.

Weber Genesis E-310 3741001 Propane Gas Grill has a porcelain-enameled flavorizer bar that helps to eliminate grease-fueled flare-ups. This often occurs with standard lava rocks and ceramic briquettes. The fats and juices are then vaporized after they hit the angle bars, quickly sizzling away. Then, you can experience the delicious, smoky barbeque flavor rather than a cauterizing flame.

Not only that; this grill has a cooking grate that has 7mm stainless-steel rods, allowing you to put your meat in a secure and safe area while grilling. The cooking area measures 507 square inches, which is perfect when you have large amounts of food to prepare. You will be surprised with the grill’s 130 square inches warming rack. All in all, you have spacious area that measures 637 square inches.

Other features include: six tool holders for your tongs and spatulas, a precision fuel gauge wherein you can determine your desired fuel to use, and an extra two stainless steel work surfaces for your food preparation. There are also two heavy-duty front locking casters and two heavy-duty back swivel casters.

The Pros and Cons are listed below.


  1. Great for outing and camping
  2. Empties your disappointments
  3. Has a versatile cooking capability


  1. Heavy when carrying
  2. Costly, but worth your money

Nice Grill (Of course)

There’s really nothing more that can be said to further the reputation of this series of grills. Those of us that own the Genesis E-310 series grill know how well this grill is manufactured, and just how very well it performs its duties. It is, by far, the very best gas grill in this price range I have ever owned or used.

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