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Weber Genesis E-330 6631001 Review

Weber Genesis E-330 Overall Score

Full Name of Product: Weber 6631001 Genesis E-330 Natural Gas Grill, Black

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Weber 6631001 Genesis E-330 is one of the most highly sought after cooking units in today’s modern society. This one-of-a-kind grill is made possible by the finest innovators to make grilling easier and more fun. It measures 41.9 x 32.5 x 24.3 inches and weighs 190 pounds. This gas grill in black utilizes natural gas to grill or cook foods. It is also equipped with three superior stainless steel burners that are quite easy to ignite, thanks to the individual electronic ignition system.

The Weber Genesis E-330 is ideal for those who are looking for a quality and long lasting gas grill. This is also great for those fervent grillers out there because it can surely tend all of your cooking or grilling needs. Moreover, it is quite easy to use so you will have no problems to worry about in regards to the operation.

Features of Weber 6631001 Genesis E-330

Flavorizer Bars

This grill features flavorizer bars that simply make the food tastier and more delectable. These bars have the ability to enhance the sensor qualities of the food which include the flavor, texture and overall taste.

Wide Cooking Area

Another great feature you will adore is the wide cooking area. It offers you a total of 637 square inch cooking area. These include the primary cooking area that measures 507 square inches, allowing you to grill a variety of foods and it even has a warming rack where you can keep your already grilled foods to retain their warmth.

Heavy Duty Casters

Genesis E-330 is outfitted with two hard wearing front locking casters and two back swivel casters. These heavy duty casters add more convenience as you can easily move it just about anywhere in the house.

Stainless Steel Cooking Grates

Weber 6631001 also features cooking grates that are made of stainless steel. These grates help distributes even heat so as to ensure that food is completely cooked not only in the outside but also in the inside. These grates also make grilling safer than ever as it is rust-resistant. Therefore, all foods are free from any rust that can cause contamination.

Apart from those features mentioned above, Genesis E-330 also includes:

  1. A porcelain enameled shroud and reliable thermometer
  2. Heavy duty enclosed cart with steel-like paint
  3. Stainless steel handles for easy accessibility
  4. Heat deflectors and a total of six tool hooks


  • Very user-friendly
  • Easy to cleanup
  • The assembly is hassle-free
  • Employs a superb 38000 BTU main burner


  • The grill is a bit heavy.

A great grill in NG!

Through a confluence of circumstance I was in a hurry to get this grill in and installed right when this new model came out. Other than the pain suffered through paying full retail (ouch), it has been a great experience. . – read the full review from M. L. Stewart here >>>

Weber 6631001 Genesis E-330 is widely distributed in different countries. Apart from big malls and retail stores, this gas grill is also available online. So if you prefer to place your order online, you may want to visit

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