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Weber Genesis S-320 3880001 Review

Weber Genesis S-320 3880001 Rating

Full Product Name: Weber 3880001 Genesis S-320 Natural Gas Grill, Stainless Steel

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Weber-3880001 ReviewWeber Genesis S-320 has a lot of exciting surprises when it comes to its grill features. Included in the features is an enclosed cart that has a stainless steel doors. This grill has a handle that is also made up of a stainless-steel. It is amazing to see the colored painted side and the rear panels on this product. These features serve as the grill’s accent. In this article, you will learn a lot when it comes to the review of this product. Read on to find out what it takes to have this kind of barbecue grill in town.

Actually, the grill has an accent colored design. Also, it is made up of stainless-steel covering, which covers the grill. With its center-mounted thermometer, you can easily detect the amount of heat required for cooking and grilling. There is also a cooking system that enables you to have a flavored grilled food. The cooking system has a rate of 42,000 BTUs.

There are also burners that are included in the grill. It is compose of three stainless-steel burners with an electronic crossover ignition system. This can make you more proud of the Weber Genesis S-320. When you look at the cooking grate, you will notice that is has 7mm in diameter. This is also made up of stainless-steel rods, and is great for easy cleaning.

Get all the food you want to cook and grill because you can set up those in the cooking area of the grill. The grilling area measures 507 sq. inches. The warming rack area has a measurement of 130 sq inches. With these measurements, you have a total of 637 sq inches- not bad for your abundant amount of food. Other fantastic features includes:  six tool holders, tank storage area, accuracy fuel gauge, two stainless steel work surfaces, two front locking casters, and two heavy-duty back swivel casters.

Listed below are the Pros and Cons of Weber 3880001 Genesis S-320.


  • It can help you determine how much heat is required, depending on the food you want to cook or grill.
  • It has a cooking versatility.
  • You can have the chance to taste the best grilled food ever when you have make use of this grill unit.
  • The handle can help you without making any harm.
  • This grill offers lifetime durability and flexibility.


  • The price can sometimes be costly, but worth the purchase.

It is the Best Grill for the money!

The Weber was top rated by a consumer testing firm and they are right. It cooks great, has lots of power and can also cook at low temps. I owned my last Weber for over 15 years and love this new one.

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Published on June 20, 2007 by V70Cat

There are times that when you tend to purchase this kind of product, where you will get tempted to purchase the general physique of the unit, not realizing that the product you have chosen has a low quality and less durability. So, you should be careful in choosing the best product. For now, everybody loves the advantages that Weber Genesis S-320 brings. You will never get disappointed. This grill has proven its effectiveness in terms of cooking.

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