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Weber Q 200 396002 Review

weber q 200 396002 grill

Currently, the trend of purchasing a Weber Q 200 is growing at an alarming rate. There are some people who find this grill to be unproductive in terms of cooking and grilling. But, they may not know how durable and how effective this grill is in terms of performance. This grill has been introduced to the public because it is one-of-a-kind. This grill is a great product that the whole family, friends, and loved ones can enjoy.

You can create an ultimate bonding experience while you are grilling and enjoying your favorite food. The excellent performance of this propane gas grill is one of the reasons why people have become more interested in this product. That is also the reason why most companies are also producing this kind of grill unit. If you continue reading, you will find out interesting facts about this product.

Weber Q 200 Best Features

Listed below are the best features of Weber Q 200:

  1. Basically, this is a portable gas grill that has a 12,000-BTU stainless steel burner, essential for your everyday grilling needs.
  2. The grill makes up a 280-square inch porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grate.
  3. You can easily start up the lighting with the grill’s push-button ignition.
  4. The folding tables are also included for your convenience and easy cooking.
  5. You can simply experience the infinite adjustable burner valve that makes it easy for you to access the right amount of heat required for cooking or grilling foods. You can see a meat that sizzles on the iron grates of the grill.
  6. And what about the mess? Worry no more. You can clean this grill easily! It just takes a second and it does not totally attach on the surface.

Other features of Weber Q 200 are:

  • It has an aluminum lid and body
  • A weather resistant handle
  • A nylon glass frame
  • Tuck-away worktables

These are some of the primary grill parts that are essential in the grilling and cooking process. To add up in your cooking and grilling process, you can set the side tables up, which can be folded up and down. You just put it inside the grill so that you have a neat working area.

Here’s an amateur videos review we found on

Weber Q 200 vs. Weber Q220

Weber Q 200 and Q 220 are two of the most popular grills of Weber. Before you buy one, you should know their differences so that you will get the perfect one for your grilling needs.

Both grills are similar with each other. However, the manufacturer made some differences with the two models so that each one will suite their customers’ needs. The main difference of the two grills ia Weber Q220 has a bigger and taller lid compared to Weber Q 200. This is perfect for grilling bigger roasts. Taller lid is a good feature. On the other hand, if you don’t see yourself cooking anything but steaks and burhers, you should go with Weber Q 200.

Another feature that Weber Q220 has is the built-in thermometer. Weber Q 200 don’t have a built-in thermometer. However, you may acqure a small thermometer and put it on the Q 200. If the thermometer and bigger lid is a big deal for you, then you should opt for the Q220.

Regardless of what model you choose, you should be aware that both models will still cook your food perfectly. Weber made these grills to have differences in order to provide their customer options when grilling. Now that you know their differences, you should be able to choose which model you like.

Comments from the users of Weber Q 200

Portable yet has big cooking area!

The temperature control system of Weber Q 200 is good. You can make it hot for cooking steaks or get it low for roasting chicken. I have no idea why many people would purchase an inexpensive grill while they can buy the Weber Q 200 that can cook the same food and is portable. This is a good portable grill. – D Hardy


Perfect grill for my family!

For those people who say that Weber is not a good brand, then you are wrong. I have been making dinner with this grill 750 times! This grill is great for a small family. And oh, I do not work for Weber or any other retail stores. I am just a manager in a store who loves a quality grill in an era of throw away products. – L. E. Segelin


Good quality portable grill at the entry level!

Weber Q 200 is great for grilling if you have a small family. This is not a cheap model. This is a quality grill that is made to last at least ten years if you just take good care of it. The size is sufficient enough to feed 2 adults and 2 kids in a single grilling. – Ramsir


Thank you Weber!

I bought this grill because of Weber’s reputation. I have been using this grill for many years. I love the size of this grill. It is so convenient to use. Weber Q 200 cooks around four times in just one cylinder. – Frank H.


Love it!

What an excellent portable grill! It is easy to put together. It took me around ten minutes from opening the package to turning on the gas. This grill cooks food perfectly and produces considerable heat. – Katawampas

Weber Q 200 ratings from other reliable review sites – 4 stars – 4 stars – 4 stars – 3.5 stars – 4.5 stars

Weber Q 200 Pros and Cons:


  1. Most trusted and reliable
  2. Establishes bonding from indoor or outdoor grilling
  3. Considered to be a “great buy” for households
  4. Has a long lasting performance when it comes to its durability and grilling capability


  1. There are some people who complain that the price is not affordable.
  2. Cheaper price can sometimes hard to find.

Weber Q 200 is recommended for?

  • Those who need a portable grill
  • Those who need an affordable grill
  • For small family
  • For grill lovers who want a quality grill

Conclusion and Summary: When you have purchased a Weber Q200 Portable Gas Grill, make sure that you observe how effectively it works. Assess how the durability helps you while you are in the midst of cooking/grilling your favorite foods. Give this grill the best care you can. This grill is easy to maintain, ensuring an excellent product performance all the time. The more you give attention to your appliances, the more useful and longer-lasting they will be.

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