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Weber Q220 566002 Review

weber q220

Weber Q220 is one of the newest grill units made for your household. This provides a cool getaway when you want to have a great time with your loved ones, family, and friends. Most people usually love to go camping; that is why most companies got the new product grill for people to enjoy together. Read on to find out a lot of interesting facts about this product.

Weber Q220 Features

1. This grill has an awesome electronic ignition for easy use; you can simply rely on its lightning.

2. It has an infinite adjustable burner valve with excellent regulator that is good when grilling at night.

3. The durable tuck-away work tables have a separate built-in tool holder. The table is so convenient because you can fold it and keep it inside your grill.

4. You will never go wrong because the glass frames are sturdy. When you compare it to other grills, you can see its big difference.

Note: The sturdy asset of the grill can somehow be one of the reasons why most people trust this kind of propane grill. There are times that some people just merely rely on the physical aspect of the product. They do not know how to assess the best grill to purchase; therefore, they fail to buy the most convenient and reliable grill.

5. Another essential feature of this grill is that it has a cast aluminum lid and body. This cannot easily be broken.

6. It has also a tall lid built-in thermometer where you can check the grill’s temperature. For this, you can simply take action if the grill reaches the minimum and maximum temperature.

7. A large weather-resistant lid handle is also part of this grill.8

8. The porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grate makes this grill wonderful.

9. Weber Q220 operates from 14.1 to 16.4 ounce propane cylinders; this is can be sold separately.

Here’s a simple video review we found in Hope this helps…

Weber Q220 vs. Weber 320

Weber Q320 is the next grill model of Weber Q220. To make the long story short, listed below are features of Weber Q320:

  • stationary cart
  • 2 burners
  • electronic ignition for easy and reliable lighting
  • an infinitely adjustable burner valve with a high-quality regulator
  • 2 removable and durable work tables
  • sturdy glass-reinforced nylon grill frame
  • cast aluminum lid and body
  • removable catch pan
  • center-mounted thermometer
  • a big weather-resistant lid handle
  • grill-out handle light
  • 2 piece porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates
  • operates on a standard 20 lb. propane tank (sold separately)
  • Weber Q cookbook included
  • 2 tubular stainless steel burners
  • 21,700 BTU
  • 393 square inches cooking area
  • 5-year warranty
  • Price is $379.00 – However, you can get the best discount here!

Important Note: It doesn’t matter what product you decide on, you should know that each model will still cook your food completely. Weber created these gas grills to have variations in order to offer their customer some choices for their grilling needs. Now that you understand their distinctions, you should be able to determine which product you prefer.

What does other users said about Weber Q220?

Weber Q220 is beyond what I expected!

I bought this grill from to replace my cheap and old propane grill. My old grill is not durable, and oviously, it did not last for a long time. I am impressed with the performance of this grill. I would certainly recommend this to my friends if ever they plan to buy a new grill. – D.A.


We love our Weber Q220 grill!

We have been grilling on this grill since we bought it. This gets hot very fast, but you need to maintain its cleanliness to make it effective. Its cooking grates season well and they are easy to clean and remove. The portability of this grill is very convenient for our family. – Debra S.


The perfect grill!

I did many reseaches from various review sites including and I want to cook a lot of food and I want my unit to be portable. The reviews I have read were all accurate about this grill. All the features of this grill is great! Simple the best! – BAH


Great grill for apartments!

I researched numerous grills online and had debate over people on forums, should I go for a 200-dollar grill that will last for a long time or 50-dollar grill that will die shortly. Finally, after many arguments, I decided to opt for Weber Q220 and I have been very happy since I  bought it. I love the grilling area of this grill. It is enough for my small family and friends. – Katrina K.


Excellent grill!

I chose the Weber Q220 because of the great reviews  I read from numerous review sites. I am happy with this grill. I usually use this grill at home. The quality is excellent and the setup was a breeze. This is a professional-looking grill and get hot very fast. – Natalie B.

Weber Q220 ratings from other sites – 4 stars – 5 stars – 4.5 stars – 4 stars – 4.5 stars – 4.5 stars

Weber Q220 Pros and Cons


  1. It has an electronic ignition.
  2. You can simply adjust the burner for easy use.
  3. The nylon frames are glass-reinforced.
  4. It has cast aluminum lid.
  5. It is made with terrific tuck-away work tables.
  6. It has a solid construction.
  7. It can fit with variety of propane gas.


  1. This product can only ship within US.
  2. It is massively heavy.
  3. There are companies who sell this item at an expensive price.

Weber Q220 is recommend for?

  1. Those who need a portable grill
  2. Those who live in apartments
  3. Those who need an affordable grill
  4. For small family
  5. For grill lovers who want a quality grill

In conclusion, the Weber Q220 is one of the best options to be placed in your kitchen or backyard. The fun and excitement begins when you started grilling. This product is made of highly durable and extravagant materials. You can ensure a long-lasting performance when you get to tend to all of the needs of the product. You have to be aware of the need to repair, replacement of its parts, and assessing damages. This way, you can take necessary steps if one of these occurs. You can visit for more details and quality information.

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