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Weber Q300 426001 Review

weber q300 426001 grill

Be the one to prove the reality of the Weber Q300. Read on and see how this grill can make a difference in your cooking and grilling time.

Weber observed that right after they introduced their frist model of Q grill, not many people are buying their grills. However, the still pick Weber as their brand of choice. Weber took this opportunity by introducing Weber Q300 gas grill. We can’t really say that Weber Q300 is a portable grill, but we can say that it is compact. This is between a full-featured grill and a conventional grill, making it ideal for apartment residence. This grill has 2 burners that come from a fold down cart.

The first burner runs around the edges of the area, while the second one runs through the center. It provides the grill the power it requires to heat the area of the cooking grill. This is hot enough to grill meat, while making your more versatile in your cooking. This is really handy for those who need a genuine grill but wants a smaller model compared to the freestanding models. The design of the burners allow you to grill directly and indirectly. With this grill, you can connect to a twenty-pound tank. If you want to bring a grill on a trip, then you can do so with this model.

Weber Q300 Grill Best Features

1. Weber Q300 heats up fast. The 2 burners heat up very fast in just a few minutes. Start up the burners and get ready to grill your steak! Q300 grill won’t make you wait.

2. The cooking grates are excellent! These are manufactured from cast iron steel that heats up quickly compared to the conventional stainless steel cooking grates. In addition, the grates are coated with porcelain so that cleaning won’t be a hassle. The heating system is great for perfect grillings.

3. Indirect heating gives you delicious food. As mentioned above, Q300 grill has 2 excellent burners. You can modify the position and amount of heat by making adjustments on each burner. This lets you cook the meat gradually, with indirect heating system for a delicious barbecue.

4. This Q300 grill is durable! Weber Q300 is made to last for a long time. Weber is also deemed as one of the best brand due to their commitment on making quality products. Q300 is ergonomically built and made from durable components to last long. This is really worth your investment.

5. Excellent warranty and customer care. Weber provides a long warranty on this model. If this gets broken, almost all parts are accessible on shops. All the people in their customer care is very friendly. When you need a component for this grill, then it will be accessible from the company. If you got any problems, just call the team! They are 24/7 on the service.

Weber Q300 Technical Details

  • 393 square inch porcelain coated cast iron cooking grate.
  • 21,700 BTUs from 2 tubular stainless steel burners
  • Push button is piezoelectric ignition
  • Large hood promises to make room for a whole chicken or large roasts
  • Cast aluminum body and lid
  • 2-side work tables
  • Full-sized stand is included in the box
  • 83 pounds
  • Includes hose and regulator for the tank
  • Made in the USA by Weber Company
  • Price is $329.00 but you can get the best discount here!

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Weber Q300 vs Weber Q320

To make the long story short, listed below is the summary of features and technical details of Weber Q320:

  • Comes with two stainless-steel burners
  • 21,700 BTU-per-hour
  • 462 square-inches of cooking area, and 69 square-inch warming rack
  • Electronic ignition
  • Infinite-control burner valves
  • 2 folding worktables with tool hooks
  • Runs on a standard 20-pound propane tank
  • Comes with stationary cart and recipe booklet
  • Dimension is 22 by 36.5 by 55.5 inches
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • Price is $379.00 but you can avail discount here!

Conclusion: There are only slight differences between the two models. The obvious difference is the cooking area, dimensions, and the price.

Weber Q300 Feedbacks from Users

Love this grill.

This grill gets hot very fast! I have this grill for a long time and I grill on it thrice a week. It grilled all kinds of my favorite food. Thanks Weber! – Edward


This grill is big enough for our family.

I am not gonna elaborate on this comment since the early reviews already did a good job. I just want to say that this grill is amazing, it gets hot fast, grills everything you put on it, and has plenty of space. – J. Feira


Great two-burner grill!

The two burners on this grill can be operated at different temperatures. This grill is made to last for a long time. Plus, I an very impressed with Weber’s maintenance and customer care. The people at the customer service are all friendly. I love Weber! – Konrad H.


Worth the money!

To make the long story short, yes, this grill is worth the money. I had bought numerous grills for quite many years and I was never impressed until this grill came along. This is worth every penny I spent. I have grilled whoe chickens and steaks. Good product… – John T.


Weber Q300 is my dream come true!

I found it! I found the perfect grill for me… I have used numerous grills in my whole life and this is my most favorite. The only problem with this grills is it is HUGE! This heats up very fast, so your grilling will also be fast. – H. Constantine

Star ratings from other reliable review sites – 4.5 stars – 4 stars – 4.5 stars – 4 stars – 5 stars – 4.5 stars

Pros and Cons of the Weber Q300 426001 Grill:


  1. The area is spacious.
  2. You can cook a lot more food at one time.
  3. The materials are durable.
  4. It is not time consuming because of its cooking and grilling capabilities.
  5. This is a money guarantee.


  1. It is not good to cook and grill in a super maximum heat.
  2. Some consumers have complained that this is a costly grill.

Weber Q300 is recommended for?

  • People dwelling on apartment
  • Those who want a large grilling area
  • For 8 family members
  • Those who need a compact yet full-sized grill
  • Those who make grilling their passion

Weber Q300 The amazing Propane Gas Grill  features are defined above. You should expect a more awesome, enchanting and capable grill when you try it out. You can never regret its cooking and grilling process. You may want to visit for more details about Weber Q300.

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