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Weber Spirit E-310 4521001 Review

Weber Spirit E-310 Overall Score

Complete Name of Grill: Weber 4521001 Spirit E-310 Natural Gas Grill, Black

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The Weber 4521001 Spirit E-310 is an incredible gas grill that is designed to make grilling easier and more efficient. This is available in the market by Weber, which is one of the most renowned companies that manufacture quality cooking units. This gas grill in black uses natural gas to completely grill or cook your favorites, ranging from steaks, tuna, salmon, hotdogs, and pineapple chunks. It is also well-engineered, using high quality materials which make it more heavy duty and reliable to use- even for daily use.

The Spirit E-310 is perfect for grilling buffs. With this grill, they can maximize their skills in grilling and it can tend to all their grilling needs. Moreover, this grill is also ideal for those who are fond of throwing small alfresco parties with their family or pals.

Like its other peers, the Weber Spirit E-310 is also loaded with remarkable features you will surely adore. This includes the wide grilling surface measuring 536 square inches that allows you to place a wide variety of food on the grill each time. There is also a reliable thermometer that lets you check the actual temperature applied to the food. The good thing about this gas grill is that it employs an electronic crossover ignition system that allows the user to put the heat just about anywhere on the grilling surface. Another good thing about it is that it is very affordable, so you can surely save more money, especially those on a limited budget.

Flaunting its superior burners, Weber 4521001 ensures efficient grilling, as these burners are very quick to ignite. On the other hand, the porcelain enameled cooking grates work by distributing the heat in a uniform manner to ensure that there is no uncooked spot on the food. Another remarkable feature is the flavorizer bars that are also smothered with porcelain enamel. These bars work by enhancing the taste of the food, making it more appetizing and flavorsome. And, to give you more convenience, this grill includes two hard wearing swivel front locking casters for you to easily move from one place to another.

What are the other highlights?

  1. Two stainless steel working areas where you can prepare your foods to be grilled
  2. An enclosed tank storage area where you can safely keep your gas tank


  1. Distributes even heat
  2. Easy to operate
  3. Provides extreme heat in less time
  4. Has a solid construction


  1. Pricey
  2. Time-consuming putting the parts together

You get what you pay for

This grill, while pricey, is most likely the best free-standing 3-burner grill I’ve ever used (for its size). I chose the natural gas version because I have a stub-out in my back patio that allows me to grill without the inconvenience of picking up and refilling propane tanks. I’ve actually used quite a few natural gas grills and this is the only one that’s actually… – read the full review from David R. here >>>

The bottom line is simple: If you really want a long lasting and quality gas grill, Weber 4521001 Spirit E-310 can be an excellent choice for you to try. You can get this cooking unit in both online and offline stores. For online purchasing, you should place your order at as this website offer more cost effective products than other online stores.

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